About me

As an endlessly inquisitive person, I am always curious for what lies beyond. I must say I have a bit of a mind of my own, but also a very flexible and open heart to compensate 😉

People describe me as an adventurer, following wherever my desire takes me even though it may be risky or new!

I am an artist with an academic background, with an insatiable thirst of novel experiences. I enjoy the world with all my senses. Music, beauty and good food make life so precious to me! 

Your companion

Tell me about your wildest idea for a date!

Wanna book me? Please keep in mind I need some details from you for verification purposes. Send me an e-mail at [contact @ zoegoldmund.com] introducing yourself shortly and I will get back at you shortly. 

Next to my work as an escort, I host at Nieuwstad (Red Light District) in Groningen each Wednesday. 


Because I fully support the idea of legal and safe work spaces within the public sphere of the city.

Sex work is part of society.

To me, it makes perfect sense that there should be a space for paid intimacy and connection in town.

I am proud of this beautiful profession and I am happy to be part of the long history of sex work in Dutch cities.

So how come a girl like you works at the windows?

I know I don’t conform to the expectations that are linked to my social class. I am a free thinker. In everything I do I pursue freedom, and I don’t let myself be held back by narratives that others may have of me. This also goes the other way around: I will see you for the person you are, not the class you belong to. 

But.. aren’t the services provided at the Red Light District cheap and fast?

The quality that I provide in my services is the same, wherever we meet. I provide a girlfriend experience, which means that the intimacy I provide is personal and passionate. You don’t pay for ‘getting off’, you pay for a wonderful moment of sensual and sexual exploration, whatever that may look like for you.